The Stripe API allows you to fetch a list of your subscriptions by date range using the created param. To get a date range, you have to pass the value as a dictionary. This is where I got stuck - it took me way too long to figure out how to pass a dictionary from Zapier. I’m used to having fetch available, or an API client library.

How do you pass dictionary params to Stripe from a Zapier webhook?

The key was figuring out that Stripe’s API requires a GET request, and that dictionary params would have to be formatted with square brackets like this created[gte]. So to get a range of subscriptions, the Query String Params should be:

  • created[gte] : 16412017634
  • created[lt] : 1632622434

The values on the right are Unix timestamps as per Stripe’s documentation.

How do you get a range of Stripe subscriptions from Zapier?

The final result was a Webhook GET task setup like this:

Query String Params:

  • created[gte] : 16412017634
  • created[lt] : 1632622434

Send as JSON: No

  • Authorization : Bearer sk_test_000000000000

Here’s a picture:

Example of fetching Stripe subscriptions by date range from Zapier

Hope I saved you some time :)