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About me

I blend experience in UX design, full stack web development, and teaching, into a technical leadership role that is ideal for digital product teams. As a Developer Lead at Shopify, I have learned to build teams and navigate the challenges of a company that is scaling fast (I joined Shopify when it was around 700 employees).

On the technical side of things, I specialize in front-end web development with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and I have also built a solid foundation in Ruby/Rails and Object Oriented Programming. I am currently focused on learning to scale myself as a technical lead and learning more about software design and architecture.

Here are some things I care a lot about and would love to discuss with you:

Here are some technologies I know: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Typescript, React, HTML, CSS, Git, The internet

Here are some technologies I have tried and enjoyed using: Angular, Coffeescript, React Native, Node, Elixir, Elm

Please send me an email if you want to chat.